cover my face with cum!

palin cover my face with cum photoshop

democrats are all hippies. republicans are all hillbillies.

with that out of the way, it is important to remember that the usa was never intended to be a democracy and the word never appears in the constitution.

we were to be a republic, which is sort of the same but mostly not.

we were not to be a christian nation, we were to be enlightened.

the majority of americans are neither hippie nor hillbilly, yet they are either compelled to swallow their sensibilities and vote for one of the 2 parties or keep their sensibilities by not voting at all.

sarah palin represents the anti american which is why she is depicted here the way she really is inside. she is a religious nut, which means she is a hypocrite and she believes in abstinence education which is why her daughter is knocked up. her hard line views on abortion landed a retarded baby in her lap. the fact that she allowed herself to get pregnant at 44 years old raises serious questions about her views on contraception. or common sense. or honesty.

remember, all republican politicians (with the exception of ron paul) are either closet homosexuals, have a diaper fetish, take bribes, molest children, do the 'santorum' or any number of despicable things that are unfit for print on this site.

sarah palin is a cunt and americans are just stupid enough to elect her.



Anonymous said...

You are a horribly sad and obviously uneducated girl.

Anonymous said...

so sad. please educate yourself on issues and what this country really stands for. you really do need help.

Anonymous said...

>>>democrats are all hippies. republicans are all hillbillies.


That's brilliant! Overly simplistic and unenlightened, but brilliant. Can I use it?

Anonymous said...

yes #1 and #2

We are on a mission from GOD obviously...

We Americans are a chosen people out from god to claim the land from the non-believers in Iraq and other DIRT nations.

Go back to sleep little child of god, the elites have everything under control.

Anonymous said...

nice work - lol - i'm sure that all bright americans will vote obama just like most of the world is hoping for - jolly good show what!!
greetings from tel in the uk

Jay said...

If that's your real photo, you're really fuckin' cute. Fuck politics. You like redheads?

Anonymous said...

there was no presidental election in 06. just to clear that up

luc said...

I'm in love with the poster of this blog.

Anonymous said...

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Peter Phillips said...

I love you. The title, photo, and commentary are so spot on. If only more people "got it"! Hard to believe I didn't see this until now, but ... hang on ... still getting the sand out of my ears ... I only just now "woke up". Better late than never?

Jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

You are very cute, and I would love to paint your face so that it looked just like hers.
Let me know when you want to get together.

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